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Alaskan Adventure: Day 3 – Railroad from Anchorage to Fairbanks

The Alaska Railroad journey from Anchorage to Fairbanks was the most beautiful train trip I’ve taken in my life. It cut through beautiful parts of Alaska that were otherwise untouched by mankind. We passed through many towns & parks including Denali! As I sat on the train and took in the sweeping, diverse landscape of Alaska it was hard not to reflect on just how beautiful of a world we live in.

The branch of the Alaska Railroad that I rode was commissioned in the early 1900’s as a way to connect Fairbanks with Anchorage and took seven years to complete. Prior to its completion, many people walked the 300 mile voyage!

I took nearly 900 photos of the train voyage, but included a few of the highlights below!

The Alaska Railroad is one of the last remaining flag trains. This means that people can wave the train down at any point and get on or get off the train at any point! This woman got off the train at a random point along the train tracks and was met by her family.

This person got off the train along the route with just a small bag, a rifle & a gun. He had an eight mile walk to his house!

Honolulu, Alaska was founded by a gold miner who said he was going to get rich and retire in Honolulu. It didn’t pan out, so he did the next best thing and named his town Honolulu!

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