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Next Stop….London

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Hi All!

I’m on the NYC Airporter bus from Manhattan to JFK (this is my favorite way to get from Midtown to the airport – just $15 one way)! Tonight, I’ll be boarding a plane for London, England where I will meet up with a Contiki tour group for an action packed tour of England and Scotland.

I arrive in London tomorrow morning at around 11:00 AM and am taking the train from Gatwick to London St. Pancreas. My hotel is less than a mile walk from the train station. I’ll have a free afternoon & evening in London as my tour officially kicks off at 7:00 AM the following morning.

After a quick tour of London, we’ll head to Liverpool for a night, York for a night and the Lake District for a night before crossing over into Scotland. Once in Scotland, we’ll spend 2 nights in Edinburgh before heading to the Scottish Highlands & West Highlands for a night each. The tour will conclude in Glasgow on a Saturday, but instead of heading home I will be flying back to London where I have a tour of the Harry Potter Studios booked for Sunday. I also hope to see a few things in London that I still haven’t seen like the Globe Theatre or the British Museum!

It will definitely be a jam packed adventure across the pond, but I am looking forward to experiencing as much as I can and meeting a bunch of new friends from around the world!

Stay tuned for updates!

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