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Many of my friends have been asking about the classes I’m taking while I’m study in Rome, so I decided to dedicate a blog post to it.

I am taking five classes (16 credits) in Rome.  IES requires you take one Italian class and four other classes called “area studies courses”.  The area studies courses are anything from art to classes on the European Union.  My schedule went over a lot of revisions over the past week as I was in a few art classes that were over my head, but I’ll describe the classes I am currently enrolled in.

“AH/US 230: Roman Architecture and Urban Design” – This is one of the classes I switched in to half way through the week.  I missed the first lecture, but the second class was great.  We started off with a half hour lecture on the history of the Castel Sant’Angelo which was very interesting and informative.  It is amazing that a monument I can see from my apartment was a part of some of the most important events that shaped Rome as it is today.  After our half hour lecture, we actually got to go to the Castel Sant’Angelo and see everything.  It was originally built as a tomb, but was transformed into a fortress because it was ideally situated for battle.  Then, the Pope made it his safe house when the Vatican was attacked.  He actually built a mini-palace within the confines of the fortress!  After the Church lost most of its influence, the Pope did not need a safe house anymore, so the Italian Government turned it into a prison for a period of time.  Now, it is a tourist site with great views of Rome from the top.

“IR 341: Italy and the European Union” – This class is great!  It is basically an overview of the formation of the European Union from the Post World War II era to the problems that plague the rapidly expanding organization.  I love history, so I cannot wait to learn all about the European Union.  I think this will be very beneficial for me later in life when I am working in Finance.  I will know the basics of how the EU works and will be able to apply it to my job.

“FS 200: From Viewing to Making a Film on Rome” –  I absolutely love this class.  We are going to watch four Italian films that were filmed in Cinecittà (the Italian version of Hollywood).  The films were also filmed on site at Roman locations.  After watching all four films and learning the basics on Italian cinema, we are going to film two scenes from the films we saw on site.  We watch “Bicycle Thief” on Monday – I can’t wait.

“CM 330: Memory and Conflict” – This is the other class I switched into.  It is a really interesting class which is taught by the director of my study abroad program.  It is basically about conflict resolution techniques, but uses historical events to put the things we are learning into context.  I would not be surprised if I use the techniques I learn later in life.

Note: This post was originally published on February 17, 2011 in a blog entitled “Romeing Around Europe” which chronicled my study abroad experience.

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