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Day 12: China Adventure – Hong Kong

We woke up early for our final group breakfast to say bye to the 3 members of our group who were not staying an extra day in Hong Kong.

After the goodbyes, the rest of the group went to Lantau Island to see the Tian Tan Buddha, more commonly known as the Big Buddha. I headed over to Hong Kong island because I had a meeting with a few people at my company’s Hong Kong office. I was able to meet the regional head of my group for Asia and tour one of our locations. I’m really happy I did it as it puts what I hear in New York into context!

After my day, I went back to meet up with the group and we grabbed dinner at a Western restaurant. I had a hamburger and a glass of wine – both were very good!


After dinner, we went to the Ritz Carlton to go to a bar on the 118th floor, Ozone. It used to be the tallest bar in the world. While the bar itself was very cool, we were in the clouds and could not see anything.

Ozone Bar

Since we couldn’t see anything, we decided to leave instead of paying ridiculous prices for no view (a coke was over $13!).

Then, I headed back to the hotel with a few people that were also leaving the following day.

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