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Day 10: China Adventure – Yangshuo to Hong Kong

We had a 1:00 PM departure from our hotel in Yangshuo, so the majority of us slept in a bit. After I woke up and packed, I headed down to the lobby to meet the group. It was so hot and humid that a lot of people just decided to stay local and chat in the lobby.

Before our bus departed, I went to a local restaurant for lunch with my roommate. We ordered beef in hot oil and white rice, but we don’t think it was beef. As we were leaving, my roommate said he thought it may have been dog!  Our tour guide mentioned that dog is a specialty and we wouldn’t be slipped it as a “mystery meat”, but I have to agree with my roommate!

Our two hour ride back to the airport took us through rice paddies and limestone mountains.

Our two hour ride back to the airport took us through rice paddies and limestone mountains.

When we arrived at the airport, we checked our bags and headed downstairs to get an ice cream at KFC. Our flight was only delayed a half hour, so we arrived in Hong Kong almost on time!  Contiki hooked us up with a 5 star hotel that was very central to in Kowloon (right across the harbor from Hong Kong Island). We dropped our bags off and went straight to get dinner and take money out. A lot of people had to exchange their money from Chinese Yuan to Hong Kong Dollars as well.

For dinner, our group split up. Most of them went to a Western restaurant because they were getting a bit sick of Chinese food, but the food in Hong Kong is Cantonese, so it is very different than the food in mainland China so a smaller group of us ate a family style Chinese dinner. We had grilled beef in noodles, rice with tomatoes and tomato sauce, collared greens with an oyster sauce and braised pork. It definitely hit the spot!

Most of us were pretty tired after a day of traveling, so we decided to hang out in the mall attached to our hotel. A 7-11 was open, so we grabbed a few drinks and took advantage of the free WiFi in the mall seating area.

We stayed for an hour or so before heading up to our respective rooms for the night.

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