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Contiki Peru Uncovered – Day 1

I’m off again! I’m flying from JFK to Bogota to Lima, Peru for a 14 day tour of Peru through Contiki as well as a two day add on through Peru Uncovered. I cannot wait to see what Peru has to offer as I visit South America for the first time, my 6th continent!

I’ll be flying on Avianca as I had the option to fly direct to Lima, but Avianca had a hidden business class fare that was too good to pass up. Once I land in Peru, I’ll head to the hotel where the tour will start first thing tomorrow.

Other than the obvious excitement to visit Machu Picchu, I am really looking forward to traveling the beautiful country, spending a night in the Amazon Rainforest (don’t worry, I got my Yellow Fever vaccine), and seeing Arequipa & Colca Canyon. I am also keen to learn about Peruvian culture!

That’s all for now – they are about to close the cabin doors for departure! Thanks for reading and be sure to keep checking in for updates!

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