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Contiki Egypt & The Nile – Day 7: Hurghada

My penultimate day in Egypt was spent off the coast of Hurghada, a popular beach getaway on the Red Sea for Eastern European tourists.  After sleeping in until about 8:00 AM, we checked out of our hotel and hopped on a private boat that took us about a half hour to forty five minutes to our swimming stop.  The water was crystal clear & there was a flock of birds that joined our boat on our journey.

We went snorkeling & saw beautiful fish and coral.  It amazed me how easy it was to see everything as soon as you put your face below the water.  I even jumped off the side of our boat – it was only about 10 feet, but was definitely the highest I’ve ever jumped before!

After a few hours we headed back to the hotel where we were able to shower before hitting the road to head back to Cairo.  The drive was a long one, so we sat back, relaxed & enjoyed the beautiful desert scenery.

We stopped at a rest stop that had a "White Castle" (one of my favorite American fast food restaurants), so I ate there even though I knew it was a knock off!

Upon arrival at our hotel in Cairo, we had one final group dinner before saying goodbye to most of our group.  The tour was officially over, but I still had one more day in Egypt and a visit to Alexandria!

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