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Versailles Gardens


Today, I went to the Gardens at the Palace of Versailles. It took about an hour and forty minutes to get there from our hotel, but it went fast. I met two women from Canada, one of which now lives in Switzerland, so we spoke for about a half hour.

When we arrived at Versailles, I split up from my group because they went to the Palace, which I saw last time I was in Paris, and I wanted to visit the Gardens which I did not have a chance to see during my prior visit.  It was very cloudy, but was still very impressive. I took a tram around the gardens because they were so big – 660 hectacres! It had a huge canal and lots of fountains as well.

Europe 2012 1468
Europe 2012 1471
Europe 2012 1507
Europe 2012 1512
Europe 2012 1517
Europe 2012 1531
Europe 2012 1540
Europe 2012 1546

Tonight, we leave for an overnight train to Rome. I can’t wait to return to my second home!

Note: This post was originally published on May 20, 2012 in a blog entitled “Romeing Around Europe…Again” which chronicled my post-graduation trip across Europe.

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