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ROMEing Around Rome

Yesterday, I had three of my classes. I got my final midterm exam back and did very well. This was the first one I took and the one I found the hardest. I was quite relieved to see that my teacher graded easily. The other two classes were relatively uneventful.

It is absolutely gorgeous in Rome this week. After my classes, I decided to take a bit of a walk to get money out of the ATM and enjoy the weather. My stroll took me by a few churches and I decided that I should pop inside and take a look. They were absolutely beautiful and one of them even had a Caravaggio exhibit – one of my friends told me that he was a big deal.

Roma 010
Roma 004
Roma 007

I also stumbled upon the Pantheon….again. I went inside….again, because I’m beginning to realize that I will not be here forever and should take advantage of the things I take for granted.

Roma 019

After the Pantheon, I went to a place that one of my friends told me had the best coffee in Rome – Cafe Sant’Eustacio. It did not disappoint!

Last night, I cooked. I know that may shock most of you as normally my idea of cooking is microwaving some frozen food, but not only did it taste great, but I’m still alive which means I didn’t poison myself.

Roma 039

I’m now on the train to the airport to pick up my Dad and brother, Matt, as they are visiting me for the week!  I can’t wait to see them.

Note: This post was originally published on April 19, 2011 in a blog entitled “Romeing Around Europe” which chronicled my study abroad experience.

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