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Last Day in Rome!

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

Today was my last full day in Rome.  I have been planning on making the most out of this day for the past few weeks.  I woke up early in the morning and walked past Castel Sant’Angelo on my way to Saint Peter’s Basilica.

Last Day in Rome 001
Last Day in Rome 011
Last Day in Rome 019
Last Day in Rome 029
Last Day in Rome 035

Then, I went and had gelato at “Old Bridge Gelato” by the Vatican.  It is one of the places that has the “Best Gelato in Rome,” thus I had to try it.  For 1.50 euro, I got a cup of gelato bigger than anything I get for 2 euros.  They also give you three flavors instead of two for their “small size.”  I picked chocolate and nutella and asked the guy to give me whatever he recommends.  He gave me a ricotta flavored gelato – it tasted just like ricotta.  Normally I like ricotta, but ricotta gelato did not exactly sound right!

Last Day in Rome 058

After gelato, I went to my favorite panini shop in Rome to grab my last panini.  I ordered a turkey, eggplant, and sundried tomato panini with a pesto sauce.  I then took a leisurely stroll to Piazza Navona and had a picnic.  I listened to the street musicians and people watched.  So many people looked at me with sandwich envy – it was great!

Last Day in Rome 068
Last Day in Rome 072
Last Day in Rome 077
Last Day in Rome 080
Last Day in Rome 082
Last Day in Rome 092
Last Day in Rome 097
Last Day in Rome 138
Last Day in Rome 141
Last Day in Rome 146

Then, I went to grab an espresso at the coffee shop with the “Best Espresso in Rome,” Caffe Sant’Eustacio. It hit the spot…as usual!

Last Day in Rome 150
Last Day in Rome 149

Then, I went to the Pantheon to see it one last time. The huge gaping hole in the ceiling never gets old!

Last Day in Rome 165

After the Pantheon, I walked to the Trevi Fountain. I threw the coin over my left shoulder to ensure my return to Rome (again, for good measure).

Last Day in Rome 184

Then, I walked to the Spanish Steps and sat on them to people watch for a few minutes.

Last Day in Rome 203

Then, I took the Metro to the Colosseum. I didn’t go in, but I walked around it.

Last Day in Rome 253

After the Colosseum, I saw the Arch of Constantine.

Last Day in Rome 229

Then, I walked up to a lookout point that has a view of the Roman Forum.

Last Day in Rome 264

After, I went to the Campidoglio which was a piazza that Michelangelo designed.

Last Day in Rome 306

Then, I went to take a picture in front of the Wedding Cake (aka “Il Vittoriano“) at Piazza Venezia.

Last Day in Rome 327

Then, I went to my second favorite church in Rome (next to Saint Peters Basilica – yes, I know its in Vatican City), Chiesa del Gesu. It was the first Jesuit church and has an amazing painted ceiling that looks like it is made out of sculptures!

Last Day in Rome 331

After, I went to Largo Argentina to see those ruins for one last time.

Last Day in Rome 342

After relaxing for a bit, I went out to my favorite restaurant, Monte Carlo Pizzeria, for my last meal in Rome.  Monte Carlo is the first restaurant my Dad and I ate at when we were exploring Rome when I first got to the city.  Talk about bringing it full circle.  I had a potato croquette, pizza, tiramisu, coke, and some wine.  It was great!

Last Day in Rome 356
Last Day in Rome 354
Last Day in Rome 351

After dinner, I walked to Piazza Navona to say good bye. It was having a political rally for gay and lesbian rights with a band. It was the first time I’ve seen an actual band with special effects performing in Piazza Navona.

Last Day in Rome 360

Then, I went and took some pictures of Castel Sant’Angelo and Saint Peters Dome at night before finally heading back to my apartment to finish packing.

Last Day in Rome 382
Last Day in Rome 400
Last Day in Rome 391

I leave for the airport tomorrow morning at 6:45 AM. My flight is at 10:20 AM and gets in at 1:55 PM. It shouldn’t be too bad.

Note: This post was originally published on May 20, 2011 in a blog entitled “Romeing Around Europe” which chronicled my study abroad experience.

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